A Friends Blind Desire

“Do you hold back or speak your heart?”

Our true hearts desires can be blinding, like a solar flare erupting from the surface of the sun it’s beauty is only matched by its ferocity and unpredictability, such a sight will consume our consciousness leaving us lusting for more.

Affairs of the heart will tear down even the mightiest walls surrounding us, protecting us. 

I worry for “Mia” after she spoke to another close friend of ours she brings up the subject of “Daryls” actions and repeats a harrowing phrase “she agrees with me, if he had of wanted too do it I wouldn’t have been able to throw him off” the thought of her justifying his actions to force himself upon her sicken me.

I can see what will happen, she will break and succumb to his cries for forgiveness saying he loves her and can’t go on in a world that lacks her presence.

A couple of days ago “Mia” and I spoke about our friend “Sophia” ans how she looks so unhappy, it is as if the life is slowly being drained from her little by little creating a helplessness that she will struggle to recover from. The concern and observations all came from “Mia” along with a fear that she could have ended up in the same situation, yet the second “Sophia” agreed with her justification of “Daryls” action she forgets what she sees because she has now got the answer she was looking for.

“Mia” once said this to me “I don’t want to be told the truth! Why can’t you just say it’s normal to be treated like this and feel this way”. 

People never ask a question for an answer, they ask for an agreement to their situation good or bad.

I have noticed one thing, when ever “Mia” hears an inconvenient truth from me she always brings up my past afflictions that is accompanied by a look that says “this will shut you up” I grow tired of her incessant digs. 

So why do I care so much? Simply because I can see her making the same mistake I did “fighting for a love that is one sided”.

“Love should be mutual, accepting of one another’s lifes. Not accepting your inevitable change to confronm with the other person’s life”

The Past

“We are all reminded of what we used to love, usd to cherish, used to hold in our hearts. But there comes a time where we have to let go and realise we are worth more”

Holding on to the dream of what we want can cause more pain than the act of letting go, the difference in what we want and what we need often so drastic it frightens us. Letting go can be the hardest thing we face yet it is a necessary evil we all must face.

Do not forget the past, embrace it. The past moulds us into the person we become, honest, humble, empathetic and caring or cruel, spiteful, jealous and evil.

Love yourself enough to accept that you’re worth more, you may have been treated badly in the past, hurt, trampled or even broken but in the end, you will be okay.

“Smile each day, love your family, love your friends because the people who love you will be apart of your life regardless of the circumstance”