Emerging from the sleeping forest the wandering champion is greeted by a new dawn, looking to the horizon he can see a fellow lost soul that has been traversing the lands in search of resolution.

As the lost soul approaches there is vacant look in her eyes. As they walk closer to each other their eyes lock, “what is it you seek?” the champion asks “something once lost” She replies “maybe it is in there?” pointing as the sleeping forest “there is nothing in that place, only darkness” says the champion.

“I was once lost in that place, I once lost myself… I would rather spare you the same fate” He says.

“I too have been lost, in search of that which was taken from me” She replies.

All the time their eyes remained locked, it was as if they were looking at a mirrored soul both could see the remnants of pain.

The lost soul shares a smile and then turns to walk towards the dawn; she stops only too turn and hold out her hand and say “let’s get lost together”.

Upon taking her hand a feeling that had been banished resurfaced, Hope.

They walk for miles sharing their stories until the road forks, this was the end of their journey together, short as it was it restored the faith that the champion had lost all that time ago.