Smile tomorrow’s a new day,

new memories are born.

Old memories fade away,

you’re no longer torn.

Look to the future with smiles and glee,

life starts now it’s time to be free.

Forget the pain the held your heart,

Let go of your fear and step out of the dark.


You’ll be Okay

“Life is about more than just passing on our genes, what we leave behind is immortalised in our words, our actions, our life that we chose to live.”

Being Valentine’s day I can see people displaying their affections for those they love, relationships are more than just gifts and what we can offer each other, relationahips are being there for each other when you’re needed most. Being there when life seems so suffocating the simple act of just being there can breathe life and hope into what seems like an inevitable situation.

I do not profess to know what everyone’s definition of love is maybe it’s material or emotional perhaps purely physical, either way one thing I do know is it has to be enough, if it’s not enough then it’s not love.

Wanting more is the greed that we succumb too, we are selfish by nature always wanting more, wanting what we cannot have because we think it will make us happy. You should not think, you should know… No doubt in your mind and no hesitation.

Letting emotion rule your decisions carries the risk of insurmountable pain or euphoric happiness, beauty can be seen in even the darkest of places.

“The pale light of the moon provides tranquillity and peace for those who see it, others bask in the warm embrace of the sun. One cannot exist without the other, which are you the sun or the moon?”