An Obvious Observation

“Greed, this sin can bewitch even the strongest of us, remember not all treasure is silver and gold”

As the problems at work continue I find myself fighting an uphill battle, a battle that I do not feel I can win. The change in our contracts has minimal effect on my colleague but is crippling for me, the extra financial strain would not be sustainable.

Thinking about the reason for this sudden change from the establishment I work in made me see yet another side of the dice, greed. Understandably profit has to be made but the simple fact was they now wanted to charge my colleague and I more to help cover part of their losses. Our contracts had proven no problem in the past so this sudden change was easy to see through.

After again Spending time in my local coffee shop I started think more about the greed of people in this world. Greed seems to trap everyone in some form be it possession, wealth or even affection there seems to always be something people want more and more.

The noblest of men and women fall victim to greed, like a poison that slowly courses through our veins we are unaware of its influence until it has consumed us, leaving nothing but ruin in its wake.

What is it that you want most? What would you do to attain it? What would you sacrifice…¬†

The complexities of  human psyche are fascinating.

Too cherish something is to be selfless and accept everything that comes with that you love, too fall victim to greed is to want more, not matter the cost.

“Beware of greed, I fell victim too it’s influence once… It’s a long road back”