Asleep yet Awake

“Sleep can be our only escape from a corrupt world, where do you go when you cannot sleep?”

┬ásleepless nights plague is all at times, we find ourselves lead motionless just staring into the darkness. It’s these times where we are at our most honest all of the raw emotion and thoughts become clear and we think of all the things we could say, would say, want to say…

These feelings come and go in an incoherent fashion, as do the thoughts that accompany them.

Moving forwards from this point always seem easier because you think on pure logic once all of your emotions have been released.

My own personal battle with myself has been draining to the point of collapse, at times it felt as if I was having to hold up the world and I was failing because of the sheer weight of it all.

Time passed and the pressure released from the trials that entrapped me, I learnt a lot about myself and also other people. No one wants to admit when they have nothing left to fight for, in my case I held on until I had soul shattering words screamed out me but it was what I needed to let go.

It will not be as simple for everyone but there is always a point that people need to reach to be able to let go, they done want to go down the final road that has no way of going back because once they do it’s over.

Such a harrowing thought “it’s over” but one people with fight tooth and nail to avoid.

“If you have a thought you can’t say out loud it is normally the only thought that matters, be honest with yourself. Always”