Echoes of the Past

“The future is the outcome of our choices in the past”

Deciding on a change of scenery I am talking with friends old & new when I hear footstep climbing the stairs, as I turn I am greeted by a face from the past “Kat” she immediately saw me and looked away, it was no more than I deserved.

My actions in the past and my choice had caused her so much pain, we did not speak a word to each other and went about our business, I caught glimpses of her briefly looking at me only to again turn away when I noticed. She did not deserve what I did to her but it was irrelevant now, what’s had been done could not be changed.

When I arrived home I thought about my choice to sleep with another woman and then leave “Kat” for this woman, even though I had told her of my discretions it did not change the fact that what I did was wrong but she was now with someone else and I prayed for her happiness.

“Kat” had spent so much time looking for “the one” all the time trying to make it happen I hoped this time she had found what she was looking for.

I began to think that people do not fall in love with each other; rather they fall in love with the idea of that person and the idea of being happy. All the time we spend looking for that someone special we forget to keep our eyes open and search blindly not really knowing what is that we want, love is strange because we cannot stop ourselves when it takes hold, our logic and reason vanish and we hope that this could be the perfect end that many are looking for.

I watch people go from relationship to relationship in an endless cycle of infatuation, comfort and finally hurt when they grow apart.

Sometimes being on your own is all you need to be happy and once you are happy with who you are then without warning or invite that special person will come into your life.

“Life is a short story, do not waste it looking for something only to turn back over the pages of your life and find them empty. Live each day and write a great novel filled with wonder and adventure.”

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