Lessons learned

“Life teaches you lessons; do not forget what you learned”

Sitting down to enjoy lunch today was filled with similar scenes, struggles over trying to understand why the ones they love treat them with such disregard only showing them affection when it suits them. Watching this new group of friends I hardly knew them but I could see the same look of anxiety with thought running through their heads of what they had done, how they needed to act to please their subsequent other.

Why was this so common? Is the fear of living life alone that dark that people will do anything to avoid being swallowed by it?

One thing I have learned is that no matter how dark it may seem there is always a light close by to create such a shadow. Finding your way out of this place would lead you to a new sense of self and realise that you are worth more than you have been made to feel in the past.

You will find that you are happy, just being you. Life will begin to make sense once again and you will be more aware of what you want and what makes you happy, learning this will feel enlightening because you will understand that it is not about what you can offer a person that will make them or you happy, you will just be happy because they make you smile for no apparent reason apart from just being them and they will feel the same.

You will find someone who understands you and accepts you for all that you are, all that you were and all you will be from the day you meet.

The secret is simple, you will need to learn to love yourself and accept yourself fully before you can ever truly love another.

“Have one eye looking towards the future so you don’t miss what it has to offer but always keep one eye on the past, remember all the lessons you have learned and the strength that has grown from these lessons, for your experiences will serve to keep you same in the future.”