Lost Champion

“Lost and alone I wander in search of my light”

The man that was once her champion now alone battle scared and weiry,wandering through the sleeping forest unable to see the path to the light now lost in an endless labyrinth of living shadows and haunting memories. 

Stricken of his armour and sheild all that remained clutched in his hand was the blade that caused the near fatal wound, using this he cut through the thicket searching for the guiding path back to his sanctuary where he could be left in peace, free of the torments and living shadows that followed him.

Voices calling caught his ear upon hearing cries from those closest to him the exhausted champion moves towards them, cutting through the veil of darkness before him the warm familiar light of his brethren appeared before him.
Hesitation set upon him with a choice, join those reaching to help pull him free and follow their path or fall back into the sleeping forest in search of his own path once again….the choice was simple.

“I turn, not away from your light but towards my own which casts the shadows I now stand in, I will find my self in the end of my journey through this forest and join you all again” 


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