An Acquired Taste

“Something so simple can take you away from your problems for a brief moment… but can you accept the repercussions?”

A crowded room filled with people drinking, dancing and people being social simply forgetting their problems and enjoying the release granted to them by alcohol is all to common.

Watching close friends resort to this course of action was reminiscent of what I had been through my ordeal in the past, I had noticed myself start slipping into a habit of a “social drink” each and every week and acquiring the taste for the elation that alcohol granted, after seeing people fall into a vicious circle that leads down a dangerous path.

Reading back through my writings I saw something, a change in my very person along with a distinct scar that has been left on my emotions and as a result I knew what it was I wanted…. to trust someone.

Trust is so easily broken and never truly regained but to take the risk to open up that much exposes your very essence, with all the people I had opened up to there is still no one I would entrust with everything yet it seems people can easily trust me in this way. When I think why the answer is simple “I listen” true what I tell people is not what they want to hear but at least it’s the truth and perhaps this is why they trust me because I am not afraid to hurt their feelings for the right reasons.

Being able to tell people what they need to hear and not what they want to hear is why I now realise so many turn to drink, they don’t turn for a release but an underlying reason “alcohol makes you tell the truth” so many time people say they have a fight she they are drunk and it would seem it is all because the lose the fear of being honest and let it all out.

It’s a sad world that we resort to this course of action.

There are three kinds of people in the world who will tell you the absolute truth Childern, anyone who is extremely angry or a drunk person. After something is said people will soon reply with “oh I didn’t mean it” wrong you knew what you were saying otherwise you would not say it. Emotion causes us to recoil it seems people are ruled by fear of the truth.

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