Forever Young

“In the eyes of a child the world is seen for what it is”

From a young we are taught those values & believes that carry us through life and are given answers to the questions we ask that suit the realms of omission, we are not told the truth rather a variation of the truth from a certain point of view which best achieves the desired outcome and stops further curiosity.

“Is it really any wonder people have trust issues and trust seems to be rare?”

Living life always waiting to hear the answers we seek not the answers we need. Disregarding anything that does not fit our believes we continue to ask the same questions to different people in the hope one of the will tell us what we want to hear, such is the curse of our youth.

True enough as ¬†parents this as protection from the real world, why though are people afraid of sharing their knowledge? Sharing their experiences? What we learn as childern stays in our subconscious mind all our life’s and it takes something big to change that.¬†

“Sad thing is some people never change”