A Colour Blind World

“People say the world is not black or white but shades of grey, I say the world is black or white but made beautiful and unique for every individual by colour… by feelings”

The phrase “the world’s not black or white by shades of grey” is referring to compromise grey is the colour of compromise, this word holds a deeper meaning than many realise, not just meeting in the middle as people think but it seems to me that a compromise is only one sided and the weaker person in the battle of wills is often the first to say “we made a compromise” what they really want to say… “I gave in”.

“A relationship only works if you compromise because it helps you grow together” I have heard many statement’s like this and each is accompanied by a hollow look behind their eyes with this thought “if I didn’t do this I would lose them” fear emanates from the deepest depths of their hearts and each time they find a so called compromise they lose a small part of themselves because it’s not a compromise that is made but a submission.

The world is black & white it is that simple the choices are simple, to lead a life like this would be plain and unfulfilled, it is our feelings that help us see the word in colour and appreciate its beauty.

To hold back your feelings and lie to yourself will leave you colour-blind, two people will see the world in different colours seeing beauty in different things and being together will give them both new colours they never had so they can see more beauty than ever before.

When you find people who share a similar colour pallet with only small changes in shade or tone everything seems so easy but what happens when they have two opposing colours hat clash? You have the choice to accept your partners colour at the sacrifice of your own “compromise” or create a new colour together “acceptance of each other” think about this the next time you have made a compromise, have you both accepted each other’s colour to then create a new colour together? while all the time preserving your individual colours these individual parts of your personality? Or have you chosen to adopt your partners colour, their personality trait at the sacrifice of yours…

Your colours make you unique and the person they fell in love with; why compromise your colours and change who you are for someone else? If you both love each other you will never want to change each other only grow together adding more and more colours to each other’s pallet.

“See the world together and create new colours”