No Man Needs Nothing

“In the desert there is nothing, no man needs nothing”

The concern of one friend is appreciated yet unnecessary, her concern showed true emotion filled with anger, compassion and fear along with apathy due to the fact of truth’s I had disclosed to her about the seemingly endless games, whispers and torments. My choice was to tackle these along for the simple reason of explaining would be to taxing.

Her conclusion was a simple one “Admit you’re still in love with her” a narrow view of a far broader picture filled with holes, ripped seams and broken boarders.

Love is a strange entity were big things have small beginnings and if seen for what they are can develop into something incredible, not the case for my story.

“It would be easy to open the door allowing the very essence that drives me to consume those around me, drawing them in and allowing them to know my inner most thoughts all my fears, hope and dreams but I was not ready to open that door again for anyone despite being more open now than ever before. I can feel myself hardening; the lingering pain of the events of recent times was residing regardless because of my acceptance of the choices that had been made. ”