Selfless Acts

“Selfless or selfish? What is the reason you help others?”

Always and forever there seems to be an ulterior motive too many people help for the simple thought of getting a reward very few do anything just because they can. Dose a selfless act make us better than our piers, friends or family?

No they make us better than we once were.

Several of my close friends can be described as selfless and humble but after deeper conversations I learned each one only does these seamless acts of kindness because they believe people expect it of them and they are keeping up appearances, this fact saddened me because how we are viewed by others seems to take presidence.

Try no one wants to be disliked but why would you act a specific way only to impress people who you think are your friends? Or people who “talk” and spread the word of your humility? True friends will accept you for all that you are, all that you were and all that you could be. The only person who’s opinion you should care about is your own because when you accept yourself others will too.

“Celes” seems to have a deep fear that no one will accept her for who she is, speaking to her yesterday she said “I have to keep up this act or I will be alone” I can understand that she feels no one else in the world has the same problems she does, the longer she keeps up the act the more alone she will feel such is the norm of our world. 

You must conform to the norm or else you are not worthy.

A weak attitude from a dying culture that is filled with betrayal and two faced people. There are 7 billion people in the world each as unique as the next it’s pretty amazing really, so why not stand alone proud to be you? Proud to be different? You’re not alone because your different or have had a hard life you’re alone because you choose to be… because you choose not to let people in and see you for who you are all because of the fear of rejection, let go of fear, if someone does not like you shrug it off that’s 1 person out of billions life is to short to worry.

“The next time you act selflessly do it because you want to not because it will look good or get you praise.”


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