More than a Person

“Think of everyone you have, not just who you’ve lost”

As I sit and watch a fellow man descend into a place I have myself been in I see one key difference between us, when he stood and looked into the endless abyss… he blinked.

I am not the only person in the world who has suffered the pain of love and one of the few who has been able to pull myself back from despair, One of the world’s simple gifts that people take for granted is the gift of friendship I had spoken to some of my close friends and this allowed me to expel the thoughts that circled in my head so that I could see logic and reason.

When the weight of life’s problems pins us to the floor it seems impossible to move and there is no way to get back up but if the weight is too great to move alone ask for help, help from friends.

Friends can give us help and support if we but only let them in and open up this will help us to accept our problems and conquer them head on without fear of being alone, we need not fear their judgement because true friends will understand, true friends will always be there no matter the situation.

Ask for help when you need it, the strength of a single individual can be incredible allowing us to achieve feats beyond comprehension along with the ability tackle life problems, sometimes though even someone as strong as this needs help if you use the strength of friends you will find the weight of your problems lifts much faster than if you try to do it alone.

“Respect and cherish your true friends, the ones who stick by you through everything because these people are what make life worth living”