Plague of the Mind

“A plague of the mind will eventually manifest itself as a plague of the body”

Bed ridden, unable to move my body had succum to the stress of the months past. Feeling weak and barely able to move I was left with thoughts of how.I allowed myself to degenerate in to my current state, I have fought against the mental stress with all of my energy but at the cost of my physical health.

Resting and allowing my body to recover gave me another chance to look at the situation I have been caught in, looking at everything again I soon realised you can’t help people who don’t want to be helped along with something else.

Speaking to many of my friends and just listening to them and their problems I noticed a pattern of low self esteem and fear. When I listened to the way people spoke it became apparent unhappiness is everywhere, people hold on to what they have because of fear, are their partners protective or possessive?

“What are you doing?”, “Who are you with?” Messages like these are many more I have been shown and each person who shows me these messages is unhappy because the feel trapped and that their life is not their own. This is all too common from what I have learned in last year of my life, I gave some advice to someone I held dear “you shouldn’t think you will be happy, you should know your going to be happy” words that fell on deaf ears sadly.

More time passes and I recover my physical strength and begin to continue with life, Talking to Mia one evening she had  distressed look, after talking her I find things are going well for her and she is incredibly fond  gentleman she has been seeing, this warmed my heart like a rising sunset across the ocean.

Talking more with her she began to mention the types of questions he asked her and certain things he said, some of which cause an immediate rush of concern in my mind because I had heard them all too much and knew how things went if they were allowed to carry on.

Offering comforting words I say “if you like him as much as you say then be honest with him and tell him that this is how you live your life, these are your friends, do not bend to his will just because he is the first person you have liked in a while” after more talking I can see she understands my concern as he seems to be a tad needy and needs things his way, my last part of advice was “if he is that nice then he will want to be a part of your life, he will accept the way you live and not make you feel on edge to do the things you want to do”. We parted company and she went onto enjoy her night.

People who want to be in your life will become apart of it and accept every aspect, not try and change your life to suit them because the reason a person is attracted to you is because of who you are and how you live life so why should change you life to be at their beck and call?

“Make choices that make you happy, not the choices you think everyone else wants”