Your Champion

“I was your Champion, your strongest defender willing to sacrifice everything to protect you”

Warriors fight for many causes Good & Evil, this warrior was fighting for the most just of causes, protection of the one he held most dear, nothing was able to deter him from his chosen path because he believed in what he was fighting for… no one should suffer alone, even after the light had turned its back on him, he continued to persevere in the struggle against the endless hoards streaming form the darkness to aid the person who matter most to him.

Time has taken its toll as the weary warrior his armour grew heavy, his blade dull he begins to draw his last breaths, sustained by one simple reason; he continued to fight knowing the futility of his endeavour. Battle Scars could be seen through his armour throughout his whole body, he wore them proudly; a sign of his devotion to the one he loved for nothing would have broken his unwavering will to the cause. The final blow that stopped the noble warrior and left him broken and defeated was not from his enemies but from the one he swore to protect…

Piercing through him and bringing him to his knees this final blow caused a wound far deeper than that of any other strike thus far. Watching helpless and unable to move he had to witness his beloved turn and walk towards the darkness leaving him surrounded facing insurmountable odds, as he lost sight of her he pulled the blade from his body and stood and cast his eyes on the endless numbers facing him, not one understood what he had fought for…. and they never would.

Casting off his armour, discarding his dull sword and brandishing the fresh wound he had suffered at the hands of the one he swore to protect the warrior began to fight his way away from the darkness, he used the very blade that caused the last near fatal blow. The road ahead was long, he was set to suffer alone with nothing but a memory of the one he loved.

“I was not only your Champion, I was your friend and I was your pillar of strength…. I was your one true love, all the scars will heal in time but I will always remember who you were and what you meant to me, even after time ceases to be time, remember I was yours because I will never forget once upon a time you were mine too”