Dream Speak

Shattered Dreams

Dreams can hold a thousand meanings, at what point do we let the subconscious advice of our dreams influence our realities.

Spending the weekend with friends was a welcome distraction that occupied my mind and released me from the Ouroboros that has captured my heart, soul & mind. After various let’s say very heavy days of consuming many different types of alcohol I finally allowed myself to get some well needed rest, as a drift off to the peaceful sound of silence I managed to quiet my mind and just before I slip into a deep sleep a vagrant thought appears in my mind… the final words the old lady gave to me some time ago.

I have never had a dream like this before and even though I am going to attempt to write down all the details I remember to try and make sense of it I can’t help but shake an uncertain feeling that I have let something into my heart and it could end up corrupting my very soul.

I can see a door large, grand, magnificent to behold but closed with no lock to open it, there are four masks that seemed to be guarding the door (this scene was familiar but what meaning did it have?) each individual mask offered me advice, Unbiased and fair. I could feel an overwhelming sense of judgment closing in on me as I faced them.

A chilling presence of omnipotence resonated as I progressed closer to them.

“Despair!” Was cried out from the first mask as I approached, the mask was a dark blue like the depths of the ocean and just as frightening. Despair I asked? “Let go of what was, malevolent consequences will occur if you do not” This warning was not one to be taken lightly; I needed to move forwards from where I was stuck.

“Suffering” Whispered quietly, the second mask drew my attention, Green like ivy and with words just a twisted it spoke “End your internal suffering, you are trapped with sight of release, lost and confused seeking answers you will never have… banish such thoughts and set yourself free” Could this be the real state my mind had been left in? After believing all I had been told, after trying to help and receiving nothing but malice and betrayal had I gone mad?

“Accept the choices of man” words that caught my ear came from the third of the four masks; I still struggled to comprehend why I was dreaming of such menacing entities. Crimson Red Flames surrounded the mask yet as I approached I felt nothing, only a cold sense of emptiness. “Accept what is lost so you can see what will be, dwelling on the past yields no future” Wise words that only confirmed in my heart that the person I once knew was gone.

Turning to face the last mask and whatever harrowing words it had I found myself greeted by silence, staring at what can only be described at the radiant glow that rivals that of the sun of a warm summers day the mask still remained silent. Time passed so I spoke out and said “so for what purpose are you here?” Still the mask was silent; I turned to see only a pitch black canvas of nothing and began to walk away and I hear these words…

“Walk away back to an endless cycle of death and rebirth or walk through the door and accept what is, the choice is yours”.

Hearing this I turn to see the grand door had been opened and the masks gone, I walked towards the door and as I passed under its glorious arches I awoke, confused and yet a feeling of calm emanated from deep inside, for the first time I felt no pain, I felt nothing… I felt numb.