Whispering Winds

“Stand quietly and listen to the stories on the wind, the sound of judgement is fast approaching”

The night draws to a close as morning fast approaches and I find my broken sleep filled with thoughts of what half-truth’s I had heard that were beginning to spread about me. Questions of substance beckoned in my mind and where these stories has originated and with what facts to back up such claims,  People were quick to judge and pin all of the trouble and strife on me without question of a thought of the other half of the story.

Reoccurring memories of that night where I sat and watched a person descend into a blind panic as if the very ground around her was crumbling and below were the depths of hell waiting to lay their cruel punishments  without hesitation.  A wondering lost soul can be easily influenced to make decisions and be less than forthcoming with the entire picture of information, what had been told to “Kain” to start a cascade of anger that produced his malice towards me? I began to recall all of the messages I was sent as I felt I would need them soon.

Fear, the complexities of fear can only be compared to a labyrinth with many twists and turns that lead nowhere offering no hope of freedom such is the fate of the weak, ensnared in fears grip without sign of release.

Lonely nights allowed me to pray for the safety of those I once loved for the sights I had been granted left an eerily ominous sense of dread in the place where my heart used to reside.   

Hardened from the words of the world I had become only allowing logic to rule my current mood, the increased sense of empathy I had recently gained was allowing me the strength to make it through each day because even if I could only do one small deed that would go unnoticed and lead to outward benefit for others it was enough to keep my cause just.

Friends are showing growing concern because of what they have heard, like a typhoon tearing down anything in its path and spreading terror far and wide rumours had begun to spread these began to transgress into a dark cloud overshadowing the land and obscuring the view of the light.

Certainly things might seem bleak but the truth will surface eventually and when it does I will be able to relinquish the burden of silence that has haunted me for so long as I could do nothing but sit by and watch as insidious events unfolded before my eyes

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