A Threatening Encounter

Time to endure the wrath of the world.

As I sit and watch the world pass by I have a passing though “I hope she is ok” I go back to work to be greeted by a ominous presence. 

“Kain” approaches me with a look of sheer malice in his eyes “leave her alone! If.You ever speak to her again I will kill you! I will walk.in.here.and stab you!” 

It would seem that I have I was.Not.what “April” has called me those few nights ago in her car “my own personal hero” it seemed to everyone else I was the villain. 

Each time she spoke to me and kept coming back to me with the words my heart longed to hear was all for nothing. I had taken the brunt for her pain, to everyone else I was seething evil that was causing her such pain and anguish yet from all the times she had seen me it was for help and strength.

It would seem that my future predictions that I would be the one who ends up hurt were correct.

Such a fool I had been for allowing myself to believe her words and now I lay here with nothing left. Those who knew my side of the story rallied to my cause but it was too late for that. Depending on how future events unfold all I can say is keeping all the messages and the letter I had been given gave me my reasons for my actions.

I had been played and I had come to the end of my use and was cast aside, stricken from the wheel of fate, banished to a place of darkness and sorrow.


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