A Second Chance

Ok I am more than sure that some of you want to give me a rather large slap in the face with some sort of blunt object but there is more to hear first.

Days went past in what seemed like an eternity and then I saw finally got the chance to see “April” at work and I told her I hoped she was ok and that I had left “Kat” I didn’t expect anything from her because of the mistake I had made leaving her that day I finished work and the next day something happened that I could only have hoped for… “April” sent me a message saying wanted to meet with me and speak with me could this be a second chance? or was she going to hit me with her car, either way there was no chance I was going to say no.

The next day I meet with “April” we sit and talk about silly things and then she asked me this “When the dust settles I don’t know if you want to but maybe we could start seeing each other?” I had a flood of emotion I could not believe what I had just heard I had a second chance. I turn and look at her beautiful eyes and say “that is why I am here, because I want to be with you” I saw behind her eyes a rush of energy and emotion and then a look that will stay with me until my last days, I have never had anyone look at me with such intensity or look as happy as she did in that moment, we grabbed each other, held on tight, she pulled my lips to hers it felt like that moment lasted for an eternity and for a brief second everything was perfect.

After speaking and spending several hours together we parted company, I would have to wait until the next day before I would get to see her again.

I remember waking up feeling like I was on cloud 9 I went to work and saw “April” and she was with her dad “Kain” he asked to speak to me, we stood and spoke he said he was happy for us and the way things had gone and advised me to take things slow with “April” even though this was the last thing I wanted to do I agreed and said we need to do a lot of the small things together (all I wanted to do was to tell her how much I loved her) from that moment we started spending more time together and going to different places enjoying just being together.

I was mindful of “Kains” request to take things slow so I did. Weeks started to pass and I had also started working at a second establishment so I went from seeing “April” everyday to only when we had time which was what I thought she also wanted (to take things slow, as she had not said otherwise) I kept my true feelings back, not the simple feeling of love the deeper feeling that if I am honest was scary to admit. I began to notice that “April” had begun making new friends at my work which didn’t bother me but I could see that one of them liked her but I didn’t want to come across possessive so I was happy to let their friendship develop. One day “April” and I were out and I just gently mentioned to her that “Jay” liked her more than a friend and to be careful “April” laughed and said we are just friends after all he has a girlfriend.

…… So did I when I met her though.


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