Water & Flame

Back to back nights, everything was submerged in water
Breathing was easy
Movement was free
In this place finally nothing chased me
A world beneath the one above
My world
Illuminated by purple flame in the distance of the abyss
Is this the place I can find my peace?



Why is it we talk of peace yet always resort to exact opposite to survive?

Are we so blind as not to see our own hypocrisy….

Hidden Depths

A face seen from afar
Stolen with a kiss
Mansion set atop a cliff engulfed by wind, rain and storm
Someone lurking in the sea watching
Lightning pierces through the cliff face into the ocean rending it to nothing
A lower level of the building revealed, sunken and thought lost
Inside conflict among people numbering three
Death, surrender and power revealed
Steeping out in to the rain I fly away
Heading towards something I can see but can’t make out
Lightning strikes again
Time to wake up


A dream about a dream.

It was all familiar, it had all happened before even tough it was not a dream I had experienced before, yet clearly I had because as each scene unfolded the déjà vu only resonated more.

The same golden hair, sapphire eyes and pale skin was so close I could physically feel their embrace.

Every other temptation within my grasp; money, freedom, power and rage.

They all meant nothing.

Who is this muse as they are one of three who constantly visits and what do they want from me?

If only I could remember each detail I’m sure I’d have the answer for that which I seek.

Random Chat

“I’d gladly give up my life without hesitation if it meant ridding the world of all evil.”

As nobel as that sounded it made me wonder what insurmountable guilt they must be carrying around to feel that their only source of redemption would come from such a sacrifice.

The want to be redeemed, forgiven or let go of ones sins can be quite the burden to carry.