Oh internet, we love you so

You keep us safe and let our comment flow

We can hate and despise and speak only lies

All thanks to you we no longer have to lock eyes

It’s easy to hide behind a screen

To say what you want and never be seen

Humanities true colours show

Oh internet, that is why we love you so




Did you know it’s okay not to like people.

You don’t need to be nice to everyone.

There are times where ignoring the bullshit of others is a great option.

The you also have the option of telling them how much of a fool they are, or not.

These days we don’t tell enough people how truly annoying they are, not for any other reason than we don’t want to be seen as a nasty or bad person.

Perhaps it’s time to drop your facade and accept you’re a cunt.

Don’t worry though, you’re not alone, I’m a cunt too, we can be cunts together 🙂


Going Backwards

This week has been one where a real distaste for humanity has kicked in.

So many excuses, so much bullshit, just endless bollocks and people getting offended.

What happened to having a thick skin?

When did we become so weak, so fragile and in need of a safe space at every mere mention of conflict or disagreement.

We’ve fucked up, really, we have. Isn’t each day meant to take us forwards? To help propel us in to the great beyond and grow as a culture, or rather a species?

It seems we’re going backwards at an alarming rate in some areas, especially that of social interaction and being able to sit and have a discussion with people who perhaps don’t share our views.

Such things make you quite sad and very tired of it all.