Fall & Rise

Fall six times, get up seven

To be honest I’d rather just stay here on the floor

The sky is quite pretty from this angle


Love your body

Be thankful for the body you have right now

Love it while it still loves you enough to keep going & fix itself

One day it won’t be so inclined to

One day it won’t be able to handle the strain

One day it will fail you, not because it wants to

Oh no

It will fail because it has no other choice

When that happens, you’re royally fucked

So look after it, respect it, love it and above all else, treat it as well as it currently treats you.


Given, or given the chance?

If you asked for patience, do you think you’d be granted more patience instantly or the chance to be patient?

Perhaps asking for strength, you become stronger or maybe you’d be given the chance to be strong?

The same is true for courage, you’re not given courage, you’re given the opportunity to be courageous.

In testing times when you ask for any of the above, or perhaps something else, rather than praying for more, why not see it as your chance to take the opportunity to gain what you’ve asked for, that way you’ll grow as a person, you might even become self reliant in the end, who knows what limits you could surpass if you were to take the chances offered to you.



Knowing & Knowing Nothing

The older I get the more I feel that the majority of people don’t know how lucky they really are.

We’ve grown complacent, lazy, entitled, not all, just most.

Abandoning logic for the lust of an idealistic existence which is not very realistic.

Sometimes I stare out of the window across the fields of my home and wonder when things will reset and equilibrium will be restored.

Humanity, we are failing each other.

If you read various religious texts they call claim that one was kicked out of heaven, nirvana, how ever you describe it because, semantics. However no one ever really looks at why, it’s just taken as “It was a challenge to the almighty authority”, so there was a challenge to a totalitarian rule against the status quo, making the fallen forever know as evil.

What if it’s the other way around though?

If you dig some say it was the above that lead Eve & Adam to eat from the tree of knowledge which lead to their banishment, however why would the benevolent lord not want his creations to have carnal knowledge?

Sit and think for a second, why would you not want a person to have knowledge, no, really, why?

Could it be that all of what we know is based on a subtle manipulation from whoever was first able to write & read?

Have we been played as fools this entire time?

So many questions, so much to learn, however would knowing bring about ones own fall from grace, perhaps digging too deep and trying to suppress ones own knowledge limitations is the one sin you can never recover from….

If right here, right now that was offered to me, infinite knowledge at the choice of my own existence I’d have to say I would take that offer, to know how it all ends for us, now that would be something worth knowing.

Will we find our salvation, will we be the good, kind, selfless species we speak about being or will we find out all along that what we have read about in legends of horror and lore that the demons were us all along.

Ah, such mindless ramblings, ignore me.

Know that I know what I know, which is nothing and that’s all I will ever be blessed with.