Good Meals


While not true reality

It’s not the worst place to be

The only down side

You can’t get a good meal there.


The Missing

We are the distracted

We are the product of seeking instant gratification

We are the generation glued to a screen

We are the ones missing out on life as each second passes by

We are the missing millions.

The Bus Stop

O lonely girl sat at the bus stop

So sad you look

Ironically strange I should know why

That forbidden passion you had, you knew it was going to die

He was a weak man

Tempted by all that he does not have, nor will he now

Don’t be surprised he chose his wife

Just know that he will never have much of a happy life

You were not the first, nor will you be the last

For this that person will never be strong

To leave the only hell they know

It’s just too much to ask

Love doesn’t conquer all

Because that something it never was

O lonely girl sat at the bus stop.

Poor Kids

Mother & child

The bond was once so close

You’d see doting mothers lovingly look a the baby cradled in their arms

Well, you did once upon a time

Today I saw several with a very different view

Each one paying more attention to their phone

To their social media

Some even used the baby as a method to hit the jackpot of likes

We all know they’re good for at least a 300 hundred per photo for the first year

200 the next

Once it’s below 50 however, well, it’s time for another pregnancy

Time to rake in those likes once again

Oh the kid?

Who knows what happened to the first one

it’s all about the new one now in the realm of our virtual worlds

Poor kid.